What's your fave Fiona Apple song?

Not About Love by far. The video cracks me up every single time, just watching her laughing at Zach’s stupity makes me so happy, man. Also it’s the best song to sing to while cooking/doing house stuff. Her songs are all so liberating in a way, she’s amazing.


K ids - MGMT
E verything You’re Not Supposed To Be - Mélanie Laurent & Damien Rice
alentine - Fiona Apple

Meeeeeee! Mónica

M alagueña Salerosa - Chingon
O m Nashi Me - Edward Sharpe
N obody Knows Me At All - The Weepies
I Speak Because I Can - Laura Marling
C algary - Bon Iver
A ll of The Lights - Kanye West


The Fall, Deleted Scene:
↳Gibson Visits Annie Brawley (x)


X FILES REWATCH: 1x03 Squeeze

"they’re notorious for their extraction of terrestrial human livers, due to iron depletion in the reticulan galaxy."

Mallu Magalhães - Olha só, Moreno
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Mallu Magalhães - Olha só, Moreno. 

Jill ☺

J e n’aime que toi - Les Chansons D’amour
I Bet On You - Lissie
L a Noyée - Yann Tiersen
L ost In The World - Bon Iver ft. Kanye West

ooh, me next, my lovely music-loving friend? :) (Danielle or dani or whatever)

evil’s Resting Place - Laura Marling
Day In The Life - The Beatles
othingman - Pearl Jam
I nsomnie - Mélanie Laurent
verybody Hurts - REM
earning To Fly - Tom Petty
ittle Talks - Of Monsters And Men
verywhere I Go - Lissie

give me your name and I’ll make you a playlist that start with those letters/// pleasee doo :D! jennifer

J aglin - Edward Sharpe
E leanor Rigby - The Beatles 
N ew Slaves - Kanye West
N othing Else Matters - Metallica
I nstant Crush - Daft Punk
F ree Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
E verybody Is On A Run - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
R un Baby Run - Garbage


[rosanna by toto playing in the distance]

R ocket Man - Elton John
O lha só, Moreno - Mallu Magalhães
S ights - London Grammar
A &E - Goldfrapp
N ever Let Me Go - Florence + The Machine
N o Light No Light - Florence + The Machine
A ll My Rage - Laura Marling


L es amants du même jour - Emilie Simon
A nnabel - Goldfrapp
U topia - Goldfrapp
R ambling Man - Laura Marling
E very you Every Me - Placebo
N ever Enough - JJAMZ
C omfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
njoy The Silence - Depeche Mode

give me your name and I’ll make you a playlist that start with those letters